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Thinning Minnesota conifer stands

Thinnings, or intermediate treatments, can improve the health, safety, and productivity of conifer plantations and natural stands.  In our new video, Minnesota DNR forester Art Widerstrom and discusses and how to plan your thinning, where to find help, and how to get it done.

Be sure to leave your comments below.  If you like this video, you may also be interested in a recent video by Dovetail Partners from a 2009 field tour on intermediate treatments in Aitkin County, MN.

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Minnesota forest insect & disease updates

Just a quick post in case you missed it: The Minnesota DNR, Division of Forestry has published the June 2009 Forest Insect & Disease Newsletter (PDF).  This is by far the best source of timely, quality information on insect and disease issues in the Minnesota woods. This summer’s issue includes a play-by-play of the discovery of emerald ash borer in the Twin Cities this spring.

The list of articles from the June 2009 issue is below.

  • Emerald ash borer found in Minnesota
    • Play-by-play
    • Updated firewood restrictions in on state land
  • Another cool and protracted spring
    • Winter injury of Colorado blue spruce
    • Two-lined chestnut borers
    • Forest tent caterpillars are at it again
    • Oak anthracnose
    • Ash plant bug and ash anthracnose
    • Bumper crop of seeds
    • Summer shorts
  • Heads-up
    • Approved firewood vendor applications now
      need to be renewed
    • Tick-borne diseases
  • Publications
    • Trees and Shrubs of Minnesota
    • IPM for Home Apple Growers
  • Feature Article
    • Wolves in sheep’s clothing: Outbreaks of
      previously obscure native forest
  • Handy and helpful websites for Forest Health

Read it now: June 2009 Forest Insect & Disease Newsletter (PDF)

July 23, 2009 at 8:41 am 2 comments

MDNR releases Spring 2009 MarketPlace Bulletin

The Minnesota DNR, Utilization and Marketing unit has released the spring 2009 edition of the MarketPlace Bulletin.  The main focus of this issue is the arrival of the emerald ash borer in Wisconsin, just one mile from the Minnesota border.  To learn more about this discovery, peruse the numerous ads, or check DNR auction dates, click on the file below.

This and past issues are also available online at

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Arbor Month 2009: My Favorite Tree

Friday, April 24 marks the beginning of an entire month of celebrating trees.  For Arbor Month 2009, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is asking you to share a photo, drawing, or story about your favorite tree.

Get involved: share your favorite tree!
Go outside to take a picture, make a drawing, or tell the story of your favorite tree, then post it here.

State champions needed for Minnesota’s big tree registry!
While you’re at it, the DNR is also looking for state champion trees of the following species. Learn more or submit your champion trees at the DNR’s Big Tree Registry.

  • Red Pine, Pinus resinosa
  • Northern Mountain Ash, Sorbus decora
  • American Hornbeam (also called blue beech), Carpinus caroliniana
  • Mountain Maple, Acer spicatum
  • Chinkapin Oak (also called yellow chestnut oak), Quercus muehlenbergii

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New invasive species info from MNDNR

[It’s been a busy morning!  I just received this notice from Sue Burks at MN DNR. -ed.]

Just to let you know we have posted several pieces on the web for your reference.

1. The Division Invasive Species guidelines are listed on the Forest Health page.

2. You’ll also find there the SFI Minnesota Invaders brochure, a nice general publication for your clients.

3. On the right of the Forest Health page, you can also find a link to logger information.  It brings you to the timber brochure on invasive species.

You can print the complete brochure by clicking “complete brochure” on the bottom of the picture to the right.  On the brochure, are links back to the Invasive Species guidelines and to my email if you have any questions.

4. Note that on the Forest Health page, you can find information on some exotic insects and diseases and on the Division of Ecological Resources website you can find info on exotic plants.

5. One other reference not on our website, but elsewhere is a publication put out by IATP on invasive plants in Minnesota.

    Happy reading.

    Susan Burks
    MNDNR Forestry Invasive Spp Prog Coord

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    Minnesota’s ash resource & markets

    Keith Jacobson of the Minnesota DNR – Forestry Utilization & Marketing unit has just updated his brief overview of Minnesota’s ash resource and markets.  This just came out by email today, and is dated February 2009. Download a PDF copy here.

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    Minnesota DNR Marketplace newsletter

    The Minnesota DNR, Division of Forestry has just released the Winter 2008 issue of their excellent Marketplace Newsletter.

    The current issue includes articles about the economic situation and it’s relationship to wood product markets; average stumpage prices by species; trends in woodland certification; a great list of classified ads; and much more.

    Both the current issue and back issues are available here.

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    Clarification of acreage eligibility for new 2c Managed Forest Lands class

    Since implementation of Minnesota’s new 2c Managed Forest Lands tax classification, many questions have arisen about exactly what acres are eligible.

    I’m forwarding information from the Minnesota DNR and Department of Revenue that goes a long way toward clarifying these questions.  Thanks to Andrew Arends (MDNR-Division of Forestry) and Drew Imes (MDOR) for sharing this.

    Email dated Nov. 14, 2007 from Andrew Arends, MDNR:

    Hello All,

    As promised, the Department of Revenue was able to draft a great document to help resource managers determine which forest stewardship acres would quality for the 2c Managed Forest Land property tax program.  Please see the attached memo and determination document from the Department of Revenue.

    Long story short – more acres will qualify with the new interpretations by the Department of Revenue. Eligible acres will be based on contiguous parcels that contain at least 20 stewardship acres.  Basically, if the acres meet the definition of being a stewardship acre, it can be counted as 2c acres (provided there are at least 20 eligible acres in the parcel or in adjoining parcels). Sounds wordy so I suggest you look at the provided maps as visual examples of what might qualify for 2c.

    As before, please contact your local county assessor first if you have questions about a landowners application.

    Thank you and keep up the good work!
    Andrew Arends, DNR-Forestry

    A PDF version of the MDOR memo, including visual and text examples, is available from

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    MN DNR’s Managing Forests for Today and Tomorrow videos

    I just discovered two excellent videos by the Minnesota DNR, Division of Forestry.  They’re a bit elementary (literally–they’re designed for 5th graders and up) but give a great overview of forestry and the role of professional foresters in Minnesota.  Check them out!

    Managing Forests for Today and Tomorrow: Part 1

    Managing Forests for Today and Tomorrow: Part 2

    You can see other videos by the DNR Division of Forestry here, including dancing grouse, forestry careers info, and much more.

    Thanks Laura Duffey for sharing these links!

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    MN DNR celebrations one billionth seedling

    MDNR photo

    (c) MDNR

    The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources celebrated an impressive milestone in October:  After 80 years, they’ve grown their one BILLIONTH tree seedling.

    The DNR’s nursery program serves a tremendously important role in the state’s forests.  Thousands of Minnesota woodland owners have planted seedlings raised in DNR nurseries.

    Ever wonder where your seedling came from?  As part of the celebration, DNR produced a short video showing how they grow, pull, and store seedlings for spring delivery.  The state forest nursery website has great info on tree selection and planting as well as seedling order forms. You can also read the official billionth seedling press release.

    November 10, 2008 at 3:26 pm 2 comments

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