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Small Ownerships: Overview

In addition to limited access to cost-sharing, owners of smaller parcels can be faced with significant forest management challenges. Windstorms, insect outbreaks, and diseases can affect woodlands regardless of boundaries. On smaller parcels though, the costs of treatments to reduce impacts can be prohibitively high. This can lead to less treatment, which can lead to worse outbreaks in the long run.


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Small Ownerships: Family Projects

It doesn’t take much land to have fun in the woods. This page has a few ideas to get the family outside in your woods. In addition to being a fun way to spend family time together, time outside on the land can build interest among the whole family in your land, building interest in long-term stewardship.

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Small ownerships: Cross-boundary coordination

The high fixed costs associated with managing small parcels can be spread out across more parcels if you’re able to coordinate your forest stewardship activities with nearby woodland owners. Your forester, logger, or local MFA chapter may be able to help you identify other area landowners who might be interested in collaboration.

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Family Forest Certification Models

Three different forest certification models are available to family forest owners. This page offers links and information about them.

Certify your land as an individual

How it works: You work with a professional forester to plan the future stewardship of your land. The plan is built around your family’s vision and goals. This process helps you identify ways to improve your stewardship and gives you confidence in your decisions. You agree to comply with certification standards, and your land may receive a periodic audit to verify compliance.

Certification systems:You can get your land certified as an individual under either Forest Stewardship Council or Tree Farm standards. Learn more about these standards at our certification systems & standards page.

How to do it: Contact the Community Forestry Resource Center.

Certify your land as a member of a group

How it works: As with individual certification, you work one-on-one with a trusted, local professional forester to develop a plan specific to your goals and your land. But, the certification applies to a group of landowners, of which you’re a part. The most common type of group is a woodland owner co-operative. Note that you (not the group) retain full control over your land.

The advantages of the group model include less frequent audits on your land and likely lower costs.

Certification systems: Independent third-party cerfication is available to woodland owner groups through both the FSC and Tree Farm systems. Learn more about certification systems and standards here.

How to do it: For FSC group certification options, contact the groups listed above or the Community Forestry Resource Center.

Click for information about the American Tree Farm System’s group certification program. To enroll your Minnesota land, contact Minnesota Forest Industries at (218) 722-5013.

Hire a certified logger

How it works
You choose to hire a logger who has achieved independent, third-party certification. Certified loggers are audited, and must adhere to published standards in order to retain their certification. As with other certification systems, if an independent, third-party certified logger harvests your timber, you may achieve a marketing advantage when selling the products.

For more info:
To learn more about logger certification, visit our certification systems & standards page. You can find a list of Minnesota Master Logger (MMLC) certified loggers here.

Certification systems and standards

Learn more about certification systems and standards here, or read our family forest certification overview.

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