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June 26, 2007 at 7:20 am Leave a comment

There have been some surprises in content pageviews. To some degree pageview stats are skewed because some have been featured in email updates and others have not.

Overall, three months after launch, the site averages about 70 visits and 195 pageviews daily.

But: pageview rankings as of three months after launch (excluding homepage and discussion board, and not excluding hits by Eli and Philip):

1. Maps & airphotos: 520 pageviews
2. Directory of professionals: 399 views (dummy page–directory is still in development)
3. Wildlife / overview: 303
4. Small parcels / overview: 259
5. Small parcels / family: 255
6. About the site: 219 (replaced with this blog)
7. Minnesota forest history: 213
8. Wildlife / species: 198
8. Forest / thinning: 198
10: Wildlife / landscape considerations: 191

The main surprise to me is the popularity of the maps & airphotos page. Seeing this and working with the Minnesota Logger Education Program, we added significantly to the content of that page early in June and featured it in the June email update. This page was by far the most popular feature in that email.

No surprise about the high wildlife numbers.

Seeing these stats, we really need to improve the small parcels and forest history (and other) pages. There’s a lot to do.


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Stats for the first two email updates Forest certification feature

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