Minnesota woodland property tax: More Information

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About SFIA:

Contact the MN DOR (not your county assessor):
(651) 556-6088 or email proptax.questions@state.mn.us
Application and Covenant Forms
Sustainable Forest Incentive Act fact sheet

About the 2c Managed Forest Lands tax class:

Go first to your county assessor. If the assessor cannot answer your question, contact

Drew Imes, State Program Administrator
Property Tax Division
MN Department of Revenue
600 N. Robert Street
St. Paul, MN 55146-3340
Phone: 651-556-6084
Fax: 651-556-3128
Email: Drew.Imes@state.mn.us

2c Application form

Forest Management Assistance:

For an overview of forestry professionals and information about how to choose the right professional, see our Finding Help section.

Contact the MN DNR, Division of Forestry or a consulting forester (MN Association of Consulting Foresters).

Other pages in this series:

Sustainable Forests Incentive Act (SFIA)
2c Managed Forest Land
Comparing SFIA and 2c MFL
More information

Some useful links:

Perspective: Jeff Forester on problems & solutions with MN’s property tax code
MN DOR’s SFIA Fact Sheet
Sustainable Forests Incentive Act: Natural Resource Report (PDF) and SFIA FAQs (18 p. PDF)
More on 2c Managed Forest Land on our blog
MDA Conservation Funding Guide

The Minnesota woodland property tax series is authored by Mike Reichenbach and Mel Baughman.


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Minnesota woodland property tax: Comparing 2C and SFIA Conservation Easements

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