Written timber harvest contracts

April 28, 2007 at 8:02 pm Leave a comment

If you choose to harvest timber, get a written contract.  A good contract will spell out all of the terms of the sale, including payment basis, harvest dates, each party’s rights and responsibilities, conditions unique to the site or harvest, and other important details.  A good contract benefits all parties involved. You can download a sample timber harvest contract for Minnesota here.  This is a good place to start.  However, this contract may not cover all aspects of your particular sale.  There may be issues that you don’t know of that should be in the contract.  A local professional forester should be able to help you craft any necessary special stipulations for your sale.

Why is a contract important?  Consider the following components of the sample contract.  Without clear agreement on these items, both parties can be at risk:

  1. Clear definition of what timber is to be cut and what timber is to be left
  2. Terms of payment and return of a performance bond
  3. Contractor’s insurance requirements
  4. Prices paid, and basis, for timber to be sold
  5. Stipulations such as maximum stump heights, removal of debris, location of roads, etc.
  6. A section for special stipulations to be added.

A local professional forester will also have contracts on hand, and will be in a good position to help you craft a contract for your unique situation.


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Sample Minnesota timber harvest contract Harvesting Timber: The Future of Your Woodland

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